Keep your cool in the office this summer

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As the summer heat ramps up, the office can become a stifling place. Most of us in the UK aren’t lucky enough to have an air-conditioned office, so what can we do to keep our cool in the office will the temperatures outside soar? 
Keep your cool in the office this summer

Here are our top 5 tips for how you can stay cool in the office this summer.

1. Dress for the weather
If you’re like us, the hot weather can mean a daily conundrum about what’s best to wear in the heat. When it comes to summer, loose clothes are the way forward as the air next to your skin helps sweat evaporate. Anything that’s 100 per cent cotton is also great, while if you have to wear a tie and jacket to the office then carry them with you and put them on when you arrive.

2.   Keep well-watered
A day at the office can be a long time in the heat, but it’ll feel even longer if you let yourself dehydrate. Drink plenty of cool water throughout the day — the recommended amount is around 2 litres per day but you should drink more if you feel you need to. Use an insulated water bottle to help keep your drink chilled. 

Keep your cool in the office this summer
3.   Switch it off
The office can mean a small room with a lot of electrical equipment packed into it. And electrical equipment means a lot of excess heat being given out. In the summer, turn off all those electrical items that don’t need to be on — although you’ll probably have to keep your computer on unfortunately!

4.   Eat fresh
Eating big meals means a lot of metabolic heat expended to break down the food. This means that summer is the ideal time to eat less food, more often. Stick to fresh foods like salad, fruit, and vegetables as not only are these foods great tasting and healthy, they also have high water content helping you stay cool. Spicy food can also keep you cool by stimulating sweat.

5.   Get a fan
Technology comes to the rescue with our last tip! The days of following the fan while it oscillates around the room are over with the smart range of personal desktop fans on the market. This little treat can be plugged into a USB port and blast you with your own cool current.


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