Gotta love shoe liners!

Posted by Katrina

I have to be honest, a small part of me always sort of dreaded when the weather got warmer because I hated being out in shoes without socks. Yes of course I knew that shoe liners EXISTED, but I thought they would be cumbersome and obvious things that would just look a bit silly. Oh how I was wrong!

Since working at SOCKSHOP my eyes have been well and truly opened to the plethora of shoe liners that can be worn with pumps, peep toes even sandals! As well as conventional shoe liners, you can also protect your feet using toe caps and pads which wrap around the centre of your feet.

I’ve gone through our collection and selected a few styles which I’m particularly fond off, including a pair of men’s shoe liners (because we can’t leave the boys out!) Take a look below. 




Pringle Maddie Fine Nylon Shoe Liners

3 pair pack

I love the colour of these shoe liners, and even took them with me on holiday – they were perfect for pottering around in the apartment whilst getting ready for the day. The cut of the shoe liners means that they sit extra low on the foot, so you don’t have to worry about them poking out above your shoes (another reason to pick the brightly coloured ones!) while the silicone grips on the heels means that once they’re on your feet, they’re going nowhere! 

Pringle Maddie fine nylon shoe liners





Elle Slip On Peep Toe Shoe Liner With Pad

1 pair pack

The concept for these lovelies is so simple and clever – just slip them over your toes and position the foam pad so it rests on the sole of your foot. The result – a virtually invisible liner which will help keep your feet comfy all day! Great for peep toes or sandals with quite thick straps, these shoe liners are also really compact so can fit easily in your hand bag. 

Elle slip in peep toe shoe liners





Trasparenze Flops Lacy Footlet Socks For Flip Flops

1 pair pack

Officially they have been designed to be worn with flip flops, but I would personally put these on when wearing a cute pair of peep toe heels. The lacy detail keeps the sides and back of your feet protected against rubbing, while the holes allow space for toes fit through so they can be on display. 

Trasparenze lacy footlet socks

For the boys...



SockShop Plain Cotton Invisible Shoe Liners

2 pair pack

Fellas, there are times when only a pair of shoe liners will do! Whether you’re out and about in your boat shoes or espadrilles, you need something that will be a snug fit and keep you comfy all day. This is where these shoe liners are perfect. They sit very low on the foot so don’t poke out over the shoe, and have an anti-slip grip on the heel to keep them in place from dawn till dusk (or dusk till dawn!). 

SockShop plain cotton shoe liners


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