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I have something to reveal to you all. The big bosses don’t want me to talk about it, but I felt you had a right to know: At SOCKSHOP, we sell more than just socks! *gasp* I know right? In fact, we sell some pretty fantabulous items that have nothing to do with your feet - including PANTS!

Yes our range of underwear is flippin’ gorgeous, so I’m gonna write a blog post which isn’t about socks, but about lovely, bright, colourful underwear, and the pairs in particular I think you should definitely have in your underwear drawer.



Bjorn Borg Kinky Knickers

Bjorn Borg Side Logo Short Shorts In Coral And Blue, 2 pair, £29.00

A cool, classy pair of boxer shorts emblazoned with the name of a seventies Swedish tennis player – who’d have thunk it, huh? But that is indeed the case with these fab boxers from Bjorn Borg. I chose this style in particular because I 
love the use of colour, and the contrast 
between the waistband and the shorts themselves.  


Kinky Knickers Pink And Coral Scalloped Lace Trim Knickers, 1 pair, £15.00

 Ring the bell, sound the klaxon, honk the horn (appropriate), SockShop is now selling the very stylish and pretty range from Kinky Knickers! I’ve picked out this pair in particular because of the shades used and the colour contrast between the main shorts and the lace edging. These knickers are bright, fun and sexy all at the same time – perfect! 



Calvin Klein Puma


These trunks scream summer, with the Hawaiian print reminding us of gloriously hot days chilling on the beach of some faraway country. With functional elements including side stretch, a breathable double layer and flat seams, they are perfect for everyday wear too. 


If you shy away from the subtle and prefer bold prints and colours then these Puma mini shorts are for you. They are certainly eye-catching, with one of the pairs decorated with a fantastic flamingo and palm tree design. They’re comfy too, with a wide elastic waistband which has a smooth brushed inner side for a soft and snug fit.  



Pringle Sloggi

Mens Pringle 3 Button Knitted Cotton Fitted Boxer Shorts, 2 pair, £12.00 

 OK I have a confession to make – I have no idea which pair of men’s underwear would be considered ‘comfortable’! As a woman, every single pair looks like heaven compared to what us ladies sometimes end up wearing. But one of my male colleagues has reliably informed me that if comfort is what you’re after, then these Pringle boxers are the one. 


Sometimes, all the pretty colours, patterns and materials are not what you need. Sometimes, you just want to wear a pair of pants that is comfortable, end of. And what better pair then these lovelies from Sloggi? I’ve picked this style in particular because the smooth cotton and lycra makes them comfy, but they avoid being like ‘Bridget Jones pants’ and instead look fitted and flattering.  


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