How to stay comfy in sandals and flip-flops

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On those long summer days – whether you’re picnicking in the park or paddling in the sea – it’s tempting to kick off your sweaty trainers and opt for a pair of sandals or flip-flops.

And if you’re travelling abroad for a beach holiday – they are essentials. But after a few days of wear, they can become a little uncomfortable if you’ve not prepared for the occasion.
Flip Flops and Sandals

Foot lotion or Vaseline

Even the best designer summer footwear tends to have at least one, or possibly two, straps that rub your feet. And while you can’t prevent this, you can soothe it with some foot lotion or even a dab of Vaseline.

This will help keep your skin supple to prevent blistering and will mean the strap or thong can move freely across the skin without getting caught on one specific spot.

Choosing the right material

Black leather sandals might look great but the hard edges mean they’re pretty uncomfortable to wear for more than 10 minutes at a time. Which doesn’t really give you time to soften up the leather.

You could try using a special leather stretching or softening spray. Or go for the more expensive, softer leather sandals.

You could also opt for a different, more forgiving material. Cheap plastic is a no-no as it’ll start to rub as soon as it gets damp. Natural materials can be better like hemp. Moulded plastic that adapts to the shape of your foot is also good.
Flip Flops and Sandals

Get the right size and shape

We can’t stress this enough. Buying shoes that really fit (not just the ones that have 70% off) means you’ll actually wear them. And with sandals and flip-flops an ill-fitting shoe will cause no end of trouble.

If they’re too big, they’ll slide off and you’ll spend your whole holiday doing that awkward penguin shuffle trying to keep them on. Too small and they’ll cut into your skin in no time at all.

When trying them on, take off any thick socks even if it means having to wear one of the shop’s socks. If you’re ordering online, buy two or three sizes and pick the one that fits.

As for shape, backless shoes - whether sandals or flip-flops - can be harder to walk in than those with a strap behind the heel.

Flip Flops and Sandals

Use comfort liners

There’s not really anywhere to hide when wearing sandals – your feet are almost on full display. But peep toe liners can be worn underneath them to provide a bit of extra comfort for your tired feet.

They’re so thin as to be barely noticeable when worn under larger sandals, strappy shoes and even some flip-flops.


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