5 Reasons You Need Compression Socks in Your Life Right Now!

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If you’re someone who travels a lot, are into sports, or just like to stay active by walking, then you need compression socks in your life. Use them one time, and we guarantee you’ll wonder what stopped you from trying them out sooner.

And if you happen to be someone who has no idea about compression wear, then pay attention. This article is for you!

Compression socks, also known as compression stockings, are a type of sock with many medical benefits. In addition to improving blood flow, these socks can prevent muscle and joint pain, aid in injury recovery, and much more.

Still not convinced? Here are five top medically-proven ways compression socks can help you lead a better life.

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1. Better travels no matter wherever you go
Most of us are aware how painful it is to go on long-distance flights where we have no option but to remain seated. Well, believe it or not, sitting for long hours puts you at risk of suffering Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in which blood clots inside of the deep veins, causing swelling of the legs accompanied by debilitating pain.

Wearing a pair of compression socks can prevent blood from clotting as it effectively works against gravity to keep the blood flowing as usual. When blood flows freely across the body and into the heart, swelling and pain stay away.

2. Superior performance in sports
Very few things are as useful to an athlete as proper training and precaution. And wearing compression socks is one of the most crucial precautionary measures you can take of an athlete. Research has proved that compression socks can prevent wear and tear of muscles by alleviating lactic acid buildup.

Compression socks with a minimum compression level of 18-22 mmHg can also boost post-workout muscle recovery process and athletic performance.

3. Recover from surgery quicker
Compression wear is the number one choice of doctors to manage chronic illness and pain after surgery. As hospital patients who have just undergone surgery run the risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the pelvic veins and legs due to lack of mobility, wearing compression socks stockings can help prevent clotting of blood.

4. Helps would-be mothers smile more
Aches in different parts of the body are actually quite common among pregnant women. Compression socks can come to the rescue of anticipating mothers by providing immediate relief from swollen legs and feet. Also, compression socks prevent pooling of blood in the veins, thereby reducing the chances of elevated heart rate in both the mother and her child.

5. Feel better at your workplace
Unless you’re wearing compression wear of the wrong size, you’re bound to feel more comfortable working for an extended period of time. And this applies to work environments where employees are needed to sit or stand to do their job. Graduated compression will reduce the stiffness of the muscles and help you get that promotion you always wanted.

Final words
So, you convinced yet? Well, you’re always free to do some more research before arriving at a conclusion. The benefits of compression socks are unparalleled, and you have to wear them to experience first-hand.

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