Can you tumble dry socks?

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Socks are often the forgotten garment at home, especially when doing the laundry. Clothing like trousers, shirts and jackets take much more of our care when cleaning, but you should take more notice of your socks. Quite often, they’re thrown into the tumble dryer with everything else, but did you know that in some cases this can damage your socks? So, can you tumble dry socks? Continue reading our helpful guide to find out everything you need to know.

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Can you tumble dry socks?

The simple answer to this question is: yes. You can tumble dry socks, but there is more to it than that. You must first consider the material of the sock, the washing instructions, and how expensive they were. When cleaning and drying socks, there are steps to take to ensure you give them the best possible care - just like the rest of your clothes!

How to tumble dry socks

Most sock materials can be washed in a washing machine and then dried in the tumble dryer. If you’re ever in doubt, check the manufacturer’s care instructions or dry them naturally.

When washing and drying your socks, you should use a mesh wash bag to separate them from other clothes. In fact, put all of your delicates inside this bag. This includes tights and underwear and is a great way of preventing them from snagging on another piece of clothing, or getting caught in the machine.

It also makes it incredibly easy when organising your clothes after the washing and drying process, with all of your socks handily kept together.

Furthermore, if the socks you’re washing were expensive, then take the best possible care when washing and drying. With designer socks, or ones close to your heart, it is safest to dry them on a radiator or hang them up rather than using the dryer.

What to avoid

Typically, putting your socks in the tumble dryer is fine, but there are things to avoid and steps to follow to make sure your socks have a long lifespan. First of all, if the socks you’re washing are made of wool, you should actively avoid putting them in the tumble dryer.

The dryer can damage wool socks by stretching them. This results in them losing shape and cuts short their lifespan, so don’t do this if you love your super-snug wooly socks! Wool is a very delicate material but some dryers do actually have a wool setting. Check to see if yours does, but if it doesn’t you’ll have to dry them a different way.

How to dry effectively

If you’re able to dry your socks in the tumble dryer using a mesh bag then you’re in luck. However, if you’ve not been able to use the dryer then more natural drying methods will need to be used.

You can either hang socks on the radiators in your home to dry them quickly and evenly, or you can hang them up somewhere else, like a clothes horse. Before doing either, ensure that your socks are straightened out or you may end up with damp spots which then produce an odour. 

Once laid out flat you can hang them on a washing line outside during warmer weather. If it’s horrible outside, though, a clever way to dry indoors is by laying all of your socks out on a towel.

Taking care of your socks during the drying process ensures that they last a lot longer. So if you’d rather not have to buy new socks every few months, look after them.


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