What are the best socks to wear with Converse?

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Converse is one of the most versatile shoe brands in the world, and is steeped in history, with rockstars and A-listers sporting them down the years. They go with a wide range of outfits and looks, and provide great comfort on top of style too. Pairing them with a good pair of socks is a great way to show them off. And if you’re wondering which socks to wear with Converse, then you’re in the right place. Continue reading to find out exactly which socks suit your Converse best.

Man wearing skater shorts, graphic socks and classic black converse

Socks vs no socks and Converse

Many people prefer to wear their Converse with no socks at all, with an increase in breathability and ventilation a factor. They may also feel more comfortable, but there are some negatives to wearing trainers or Converse without socks.

Blisters can form a lot easier without socks to create a barrier between the shoe and foot. That friction on the skin causes blisters which, of course, leads to a painful experience. Going barefoot can also produce a bad odour as socks work very well to soak up moisture throughout the day.

If you have sweaty or smelly feet, there are no socks to create a barrier for this. That means any moisture or odour will soak into the shoe itself. This can then lead to an increased chance of fungal infection.

It is always recommended that you wear some form of socks with your footwear. Luckily, there are plenty of types of socks to wear with Converse, though.

No show socks

A popular sock in the modern era is the ‘no show sock’. This is a small sock that covers the main portion of the foot. It hooks around the heel and toes, but does not protrude above the top of the shoe.

It provides that ‘no sock’ look that many love, but with the benefits of actually wearing a sock. Some no show socks actually come with rubber non-slip grips fitted to the heel to ensure that the socks don’t move or slip underneath your foot throughout the day. 

It is for these reasons that no shows are an ideal choice of sock to wear with Converse.

Ankle socks

Similar to no show socks, the ankle sock (also referred to as trainer socks) variant is very popular. The difference between the two is that the ankle sock just pokes out above the top of the shoe, so any design or colour can be seen.

This is a popular choice among Converse wearers as the sock is still short but gives just enough to display some design.

Crew socks

Crew socks are among the most popular socks in the world. They ride midway up the calf and give you the chance to show off your style. They come in all kinds of colours and materials, like polyester, wool, bamboo, and cotton.

Typically, cotton crew socks will be plainer colours while polyester will display more colourful patterns and graphics. This gives you a great choice when picking socks to wear with Converse. Depending on the colour of your shoes, you could go with the tried-and-tested plain white socks with white Converse, or sprinkle a bit of colour in there.

Polyester socks are easier to print designs onto compared to cotton or wool, so they’re a popular choice when you  want to show off your socks. Even with shorts on, crew socks can be worn with Converse.

Express yourself

The key to picking good socks to match your Converse, though, is to express yourself. Don’t hold back. Converse shoes are the most versatile in the fashion industry, so pick socks that suit you and show off your personality.

That could be fun and novelty socks with pictures of your favourite TV show, a wild array of colours, or a simple colourful pattern. There really is a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to socks and Converse, so when deciding for yourself, pick what suits you best.

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