Heat Holders sneak peek

Posted by Katrina

Now I know you might not be thinking about how to keep toasty and warm with this lovely weather, but just because it’s finally looking like spring doesn’t mean we can’t think ahead to colder days, right? OK, you’re not convinced, but I stumbled across some exciting things in the office and had to take some pics and share them with you!

Below are a few close up snaps of some of the new products Heat Holders are working on. I can’t reveal all the details at the moment, but needless to say, Heat Holders have got some great stuff up their sleeves which will be perfect for the 360 days a year that it’s cold in this country! Check them out :)



This year Heat Holders will be expanding their sock range to include these beauties. Keeping to the style and design people have come to know and love, this selection of socks has been produced using twisted yarn, giving a dappled and rustic effect – lovely! 



We love a fairisle pattern, so it’s great to see them on our favourite thermal hats. This range has been designed for more casual, everyday use, but will still keep you toasty and warm thanks to the brushed inner that is a staple for Heat Holders products. We can’t wait to get our hands on them!    


The Heat Holders team is also working on a number of projects that are still in development. I can’t reveal too much, but was able to take a few close up snaps of some of the designs. You’ll have to check back later in the year to see exactly what they’ve been up to but for now, lets just say that the brand is branching out! 




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