Hello lovely, neat sock drawer!

Posted by Cassie

So I have just spent 5 minutes watching a YouTube video on how to organise your sock drawer.

As a total sock fanatic (you kinda have to be to work at SOCKSHOP) and someone who likes her wardrobe to be colour coordinated with every item individually hung on matching hangers; this was a very enjoyable way to spend 5 minutes! But by the end of the video I was horrified. I thought my method of lovingly balling up my socks into pairs and storing in a vintage suitcase under my bed was the perfect way to care for my socks… how wrong can I be? 

This made me think about sock storage and, after a very quick poll at SOCKSHOP HQ, it looks like the sock drawer is still the preferred way to store your socks. A certain member of the SOCKSHOP team, who shall remain nameless, even needs 2 sock drawers to store their huge collection of socks! 

The presenter of the YouTube video also favoured the sock drawer, allowing her to group her socks into styles, presumably so that she can instantly grab sports socks when going for a run, slipper socks for a movie night in and so on.

This had me convinced; goodbye messy vintage suitcase and hello neat sock drawer!

After a quick search online I discovered that the real debate lies in how to pair up your socks. There are 2 popular methods; the traditional balling technique or the space-saving folding practice. I also found a number socks drawer dividers that could come in very handy and I even learnt how to make my own from an old set of playing cards!

Hmm… maybe I have looked into this too much now!

Messy Socks sock_drawer4.jpg
*I was going to take a pic of my sock drawer
before makeover but decided to use this lovely photo
of some of our gorgeous colour burst socks instead.
*This is not me by the way.
This is a model.
Is he wearing the Wednesday socks?



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