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You all know that we're silly about socks but who knew some of our customers were totally sock crazy too?! Check out some fantastic poems sent in to us by our beloved sock-worshipping customers!
A Poem by "The Phantom SOCKSHOP Rhymer" (A happy SOCKSHOP customer)

The SOCKSHOP poem.
The best sock shop is the SOCKSHOP shop,
Most other shops are a total flop.
Long socks, short socks, knee length too,
Red and green, maroon and blue,
Wool socks, cotton socks in every hue,
Best choice of mixtures just for you.
Socks for comfort, socks for show,
Perfect socks when out you go.
Socks for when its cold or hot,
Whatever you want they've got the lot.
So, if you want the shop that's top
Then don't forget the SOCKSHOPshop!

A Poem by Jean Grace (a SOCKSHOP customer who enjoyed our leggy poem)

At down scroll I thought at first as I glanced
There was mere advertising here being advanced.
But then I bethought me to look at the words,
And found they were not the bemusing of nerds.
So I read and reread; t'was a pleasant surprise!
Just look how creative, those sock-shopping guys!
Or ladies, they claim they are, baring their legs.
Re-adorning them once again, as beauty begs.
So I'll give them the thumbs up, and hearty congrats!!
What a trendy, creative bunch of sock selling cats!!

A Poem by Joyce Cottrell (a SOCKSHOP customer)

'Socks on the way.'
I'm buying them now
For next Christmas Day.
It's a family ritual
To include in each box
One or two pair
Of nice 'jazzy' socks!
A Poem by Roger Walton (a SOCKSHOP customer)

My friend and I, we saw your Ad
And OMG, weren't we glad
To see such good stuff all on show
We thought we'd buy some... Have a go!

My friend and I, (we're not from Lauder)
Just hoped that all would be in order
We sent our "cash" via "Magic wire"
And to the Pub we did retire

My friend and I, at home once more
Ventured out and did explore
The Posties sack and letter-box
And hoped that we would get our 'Lots'

My friend and I were filled with glee
When in the box our 'Lots' did see
My friend and I, we received our socks
and proudly wear them on our feet

My friend and I.
A Poem by Alan Rigby (to be read quickly)

I needed a pair
I needed them quick
I was off to a wedding
Set out in a tick
They have to be black
To go with the suit
Not thick red and thermal
For under a boot
Pull out a pair
These look quite new
Don’t think that Patrick
And Sponge Bob will do
They have to be plain
Not patterned argyle
I'm not playing golf
I'm off down the aisle
They have to be cotton
And fit pretty smart
That rules out Homer
Lisa and Bart
At last, here’s a black one
Cotton and plain
So why is it paired
With one not the same
Well if there is one
There must be another
Deep down in this drawer
This sock as a brother
Not just a brother
An identical twin
Exactly the same
On the outside as in
I'll find him, I’ll find him
I'll search high and low
I'll find the odd place
Where all odd socks go
He’s not in the drawer
So the cupboards I fumble
I rifle the baskets
The washer and tumble
I fall to the floor
In a heap of despair
Then I notice my foot
The other ones there
Already on
With one not the same
So I change the odd one
For a black cotton, plain
I arrive at the church
Not a second to spare
Like the bride and the groom
My socks are a pair
But as I look to the floor
Down through the pews
I wish I could say
The same for my shoes
Leggy Poem 
Bare, grotty, legs was what we feared
When our station Sock Shop disappeared
Girly, silky, sexy 10 denier nylons
Our favs, and now it seemed, definitely bygones

Our boss, fed up, we would not leave our desks
How can you PA with legs a mess?
One last chance, we thought worth trying
No good sitting here, moping and crying

So we doubleyou, doubleyou, double you’d onto the net
Cos our beloved, wonderful, tights we could not forget
Please send us supplies, urgently, you heard us beg
So we can again show off a shapely leg

Ordered on Thursday, on Friday miraculously received
Such brilliant efficiency, we just could not believe
Two happy ladies, glam legs back on view
We’re sending our love, and a huge ‘Thank You’!


A Poem Sent in by Teresa Coull (a SOCKSHOP Customer)

My elderly friends were having a chat, -
Just sitting and talking about this and that.
One said to the other I don't know what to do,
My feet are so cold and they've gone all blue.

The other one said (cos she knew what to do),
I think the Sock Shop's the place for you.
They've got loads of tights in red, white and blue.
Your feet will soon be a wonderful hue.

The first one said - so where do I go?
The second one said I can soon let you know.
To Heathrow or Stansted - either will do.
They both have a Sock Shop - just waiting for you.

The first one said - that's so kind of you,
But I really don't think it's a thing I can do.
I'm well over eighty - it's a long way to go,
And what if it's raining or falling with snow.

I said to them both there's one thing I can do.
I'll get on the internet and buy them for you.
Will it be easy? they both asked of me.
I said-come and watch me. You'll soon see.

With no further ado I chose and I paid.
She was ever so chuffed with the choice I had made.
In two days time with no further ado
The tights were here and her feet weren't blue.

So the moral for all is - you know this is true
No Heathrow or Stansted - the internet will do.
The Sock Shop is ready and waiting to help
With whoops of delight I know you will yelp. 


A Poem Sent in by Matthew Peterson (a SOCKSHOP Customer)

A man called Dave
Was quite depraved,
And liked to buy new socks.
He invited all his friends around
And they put them on their.... feet.

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