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Have fun with sock related puzzles and advice and tips on many things from how to 'stay sockwise' to what to do with your old tights! 


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Sock Lyrics -A Short Guide to Sock Related Songs


  • - Aretha Franklin: Respect (“Sock it to me”) Atlantic Records
  • - Van Morrison: Drivin’ Wheel (“Sock it to me baby”) Cleopatra Records
  • - The Beatles: Eleanor Rigby (“Look at him working, darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there”) Capitol Records
  • - The Beatles: I’ve got a feeling (“Ev’rybody pulled their socks up”)
  • - Cat Stevens: Portobello Road (“Cuckoo clocks, and plastic socks”)
  • - Elvis Presley: Santa Bring My Baby Back (“Fill my sock with candy”)
  • - The Beastie Boys: Intergalatic (“Kick off your shoes and relax your socks”)
  • - The Eagles: James Dean (“Sock hop, soda pop, basketball and auto shop”)

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How to stay 'Sock Wise'


  • - Socks are part outerwear - part underwear - they're inside your shoes but show a tantalising glimpse from under your trouser leg.
  • - Red isn't the only colour for statement socks - there are lots of other colours around and you know where to find them - right here of course @ sock shop!
  • - Wearing the wrong socks may make others question your judgement.

Tights can last for ever - What to do with Discarded tights


A fact of life about hosiery is that it is frequently discarded after a number of uses. Environment conscious consumers might reasonably be concerned about how to dispose of them. Here are a few imaginative ideas about how discarded hosiery can be "recycled":

  • - Filling material for pillows, handmade dolls and stuffed animals.
  • - A bathing cap to wear in bath or shower to keep hair away from the face.
  • - Hanging storage for vegetables.
  • - Shoe polishing cloth.
  • - Placed around the base of strawberry plants in the garden to prevent the berries from being splattered with dirt.
  • - Cut into small pieces and stretched around wire frames to make a decorative floral arrangement.
  • - Hair ribbon with just the right amount of stretch to knot around a pony tail.
  • - A quick fix for a broken fan-belt in the car.

The important point is that used hosiery does not need to be simply thrown away! It can be considered a useful resource.

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