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Top tips to keep your socks in pairs

Posted by SOCKSHOP

Yes, it’s that time of year again, the moment we come together to remember those socks that have been taken from us too soon.
Lost Sock Memorial Day

As part of this year’s Lost Sock Memorial Day commemorations, here are our tips to avoid losing socks in your next wash!

Invest in a laundry basket
Do your dirty clothes simply collect on the landing or in the corner of your bedroom? An uncompromising pile of dirty laundry is a breeding ground for sock disappearances, so invest in a laundry basket and keep your clothes safely in one place before they head into the washing machine. You could even take things to the next level by having an additional laundry basket just for your underwear!

Get organised
Is your laundry process a well-oiled machine? Or is it just a scramble to get everything stuffed into the washing machine before you head out the door? Improve the efficiency of your wash and reduce your risk of losing those beloved socks by getting things organised. Set aside a few hours to do your washing and ensure you have all the necessary tools, like a washing basket and clothes rack.

Use laundry bags
Laundry bags are a great invention because they mean you can chuck various things in the wash together without worrying that you’re doing damage! Stick dirty socks into a laundry bag as soon as you take them off and you’ll besure that they’ll all come in pairs at the other end of the wash. Just don’t forget to split lights and whites from darks and coloureds. Looking for a laundry bag? Check out this one from Falke or this one from Levante.

Clip them together
Are you convinced that your socks go walkabout when you hang them up to dry? Allay your suspicions by clipping pairs of socks together before putting them out, using safety pins, hairbands, or even food ties. Even if you don’t clip them together, it’s a good idea to hang them together just so you know exactly how many pairs you have – and how many you might be missing.

Go odd!
If all else fails, why not just wear odd socks? Set a new trend in the office! And if you put some thought into it, you could even create a seasonal statement with your odd sock choices – think blue and yellow during the summer season and red and green at Christmas..

Do you have any other top tips for keeping your socks in pairs? Let us know in the comments below…


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