Tips and tricks to keep your tights looking great for longer

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If you’re a firm fan of wearing tights everyday now the weather has turned chilly then you’ll want to make sure your trusty opaques are going to see you through the winter.
Make your tights last longer

Here are our top tips for making your tights last.

Wash before you wear
When you first buy a new pair of tights, pop them in a cold wash before you wear them, to toughen the fibres up.

Pop them in the freezer (no really)
Some fashion experts say go one step further and after you’ve rinsed your tights in cold water, pop them in sandwich bag and freeze overnight. Let them thaw on a radiator before popping them on and fingers crossed you’ll never suffer from ladders again. Freezing also supposedly helps tights keep their colour longer and prevents bobbling.

Put them on properly
You’re more likely to snag and ladder your tights if you’re hopping around trying to pull them on in a rush. The best way to put on a pair of tights is to roll one leg up all the way to the toe and then gently put the tip of the toe in and pull over the foot and ankle. Repeat with the other leg and then pull all the way up. Make sure you take off any jewellery first to avoid catching the material.

Wash with care
Pop your tights and stockings in a hosiery wash bag or an old pillow case before you wash them and avoid putting them in the tumble dryer – just hang them out to dry.

Use nail varnish for last minute repairs
Noticed the start of a ladder seconds before you need to be out of the door? Never fear. Some clear nail varnish is all you need to do a quick repair job. Just apply to either side of the tear to stop your legwear from shredding further. In a pinch, hairspray works too.

Buy the right pair
How well your legwear lasts will depend on how good quality it is. It’s worth investing in a few pairs of really decent tights that will stand the test of time rather than dozens of cheaper pairs.


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