5 ways to be more eco-friendly this Christmas

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Christmas comes but once a year, yet our eco-footprint can be felt long after the festive season ends. Clean up your Christmas with these 5 ideas.

Eco Friendly Christmas
1. Make wrapping recyclable
Much of the wrapping paper we use contains non-recyclable materials like glitter, foil or plastic. A simple switch to recyclable paper would make wrapping kinder to the planet. Try reusable gift bags or even plain brown paper and string. It doesn’t have to compromise your festive aesthetic: add natural decorations like twigs of eucalyptus and pine tree sprigs for a thoughtful finishing touch.

2. Give food a thought
With over four million Christmas dinners thrown away every year, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your festive food shop. Cutting down on excessive selection boxes or stockpiling sprouts that are left to go cold can go a long way. Making use of any leftovers for Boxing Day meals and beyond will also make a marked difference to your waste.

3. Procure your pine properly
Look out for the Forest Stewardship Council seal of approval when you buy your Christmas tree – it shows it’s been grown as part of a well-managed forest. When you’re finished with your evergreen, Recycle Now manage drop-off points that turn your favourite decoration into chippings for local parks and woodland areas. Or you could keep your tree year after year – some retailers offer Christmas trees you can replant after they’ve served their festive function.

4. Go green with greetings cards
Consider sending e-cards rather than the paper variety. Not only will you save raw materials and cut delivery emissions, worthy causes could also benefit. You can choose a card from your favourite charity and make a donation when you email it. If only a handwritten message will do, try ‘plantable cards’ made of biodegradable paper sown with seeds. Plant them in the garden to turn your greetings green-fingered.

5. Switch to LED lights
Lights can transform your home into your own personal grotto – and going green doesn’t have to mean diluting the festive feel. Swapping your traditional twinkling lights for LEDs could use up to 80% less energy and save on your energy bills too. In fact, if every UK household changed from a set of incandescent lights, we could save more than £11 million and 29,000 tonnes of CO2 over the Christmas period.


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