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5 uses for old socks

Posted by SOCKSHOP

With the world becoming more environmentally aware, and a greater emphasis on re-using and upcycling, we’re often asked for ideas on uses for old socks. We all have them – the ones that have mysteriously lost a partner, those where one sock has developed a hole, or simply that we fancy a change of sock style but don’t want to just throw the old ones away. Fear not! There are many ways in which old socks can remain useful and even loved – and here are just a few of them.

5 uses for old socks

1. As part of your cleaning armoury

Socks fit perfectly over your feet – which means that they also fit pretty nicely over your hands, too. For those hard-to-reach areas like the rungs of a towel rail or the slats in a blind, simply put a sock over your hand and use it to dust or polish away dirt and grime. If you want to avoid harsh chemicals then make up your own solution using a white vinegar and water mix – you don’t get much greener than that!

2. For wrinkle free clothes

If you use a dryer for your clothes in winter time you’ll know the horror that comes with forgetting they are in there – the resulting creases would challenge even the most advanced irons! Don’t fret – simply put a couple of wet socks in the dryer along with the clothes you’ve left in there and run it for a few more minutes; the damp socks will help to take out the wrinkles. Why not keep a few in your laundry room ready for future drying mishaps?

3. As a white board eraser

If you have children in the family who use a white board for practising maths, spellings or for artwork, rather than using paper towels or having to buy plastic-mounted eraser pads, simply keep an old sock handy – you can even wash it out when it needs refreshing.

4. Make a draft excluder

If you have an army of old socks, uses for them can be tricky to find in bulk. But one way to use up a load of old socks is to make a really cute, patchwork draft excluder. Simply cut off the toe section of each, turn inside out and sew the end of each tube to the next. Once you have a tube long enough, sew up one end, stuff with foam (or old socks, if you have enough!) and sew up the other end.

5. Use it as a hair support

Yes, really – you can use an old sock to make a voluminous bun, although longer socks will work better here otherwise you may end up with a limp support. Cut the toe end off of your sock and roll the remaining tube part down, starting with the elasticated end. Next, put your hair into a ponytail at whatever height you want your bun. Slip the sock over your ponytail and hold a few inches from the end of the hair. Wrap the ends around the sock and begin rolling back toward your head. Once in position you may need to distribute your hair to ensure that the sock is fully covered. Pin in place or fix with hairspray, and you’re good to go!

Whatever uses for old socks that you find, be sure to experiment and let them live the life that they deserve – no sock should end up in the bin without leading a second life. We would love to hear about your uses for old socks – let us know what kind of life yours end up living on Twitter or Facebook.


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