8 steps to a successful photo shoot...

Posted by Danielle

New season, new snaps! Take a look at what steps we took to put together our Autumn/Winter 2013 photoshoot!

Find the perfect location

This season, we wanted to go for a very preppy-with-a-hint-of-suave look - this required the perfect backdrop. Luckily we're based a stone's throw away from a vibrant, buzzing city with plenty of such like places! So we found a very cool, modern, hip hotel that provided the perfect location... they even had a 'Johnny Cash Suite'! 

Johnny Cash Suite

The Johnny Cash Suite

Find some good looking people to model the socks...


Our models

Our models

Gather dozens and dozens of this-season samples!

Safe to say we ended up with more than plenty of new arrivals samples to fit into our photo shoot!


Just a fraction of the samples we had to shoot!

Raid the wardrobe

Raid the wardrobe and put together some prettiful outfits to compliment this
season's stunning socks and tights!



Make sure you've got your photographer...

...and be sure he knows all the good angles to shoot from! (Don't worry, he's not actually on the toilet!)



Have some fun along the way!


Have some fun along the way!


Edit to perfection...

...but we left that to the professionals! Well, he wasn't sat on a toilet for this part!   

Sit back and admire the handy work!


Handy work

Look out for our gorgeous new images on the site very soon!

Danielle x


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