SOCKSHOP Anthology - in celebration of National Poetry Day

Posted by Danielle

So it's National Poetry Day here in the UK and, in celebration of all things poetic, the SOCKSHOP Team has been getting creative and writing their very own sock poems!

Hope you enjoy!

Danielle - Blog writer

I decided to go first and ended up coming up with a rather poignant poem about a lonely sock. I call this one Ode to an odd sock.

'Where art thou? Where art thou?
The other sock to my pair!'
Cried the lonely striped sock
In a brief fit of despair.

He searched the house both high and low,
To find his other half.
He looked in all the kitchen cupboards,
He even looked in the bath.

But he could not find his stripy friend,
All he could do was watch the clock;
And wait for one like him to come along,
Another lonely, odd sock.


Dave - Buyer

After I shared my poem around the office for inspiration, our buyer Dave replied with this creative response to my poem (some would call it plagiarism but I decided to look the other way). He titled it Ode to the other odd sock.

‘I’m here! I’m here!
The other sock to your pair!’
Cried the other striped sock
'I can hear you, but where?!’

He searched the house both left and right,
To find his long lost twin.
He searched in the washing machine,
Even in the bin!

He wandered home to the drawer of socks,
With his head down in despair,
Only to see his twin looking back,
They were once again a pair.


Zoe - Customer services 

Zoe is clearly a natural poet. She came up with not just one, but TWO cracking poems about the only place to buy your socks!

Poem 1 - I Love Socks

I love socks they keep me warm,

I buy from SOCKSHOP when they’re torn.

Thermals, plains, and funky ones too,

I’m sure you will find the style for you.

Poem 2 - The SOCKSHOP Experience

Socks and tights to warm your feet,
Shop at bamboo socks too,
Just a few styles that SOCKSHOP do.

Place your order online with us,
We will send out without a fuss.
Next Day delivery available too,
For when you’re at that special “do”.

Free returns offered what more can you need,
We will exchange your goods at great speed.
No quibbles or qualms and no questions asked,
The choice of design is certainly vast.

We hope to see you return once more,
Because shopping with us is not a chore.
The SOCKSHOP team is here to help you,
For when your sock drawer is looking blue.


Kim - Designer

Being one of our design team, Kim is certainly creative; even when it comes to words! Check out her sock-and-tightstastic poem!

I love a new pair of socks,
Soft, star would be the thing,
To jazz me up and add some “Bling”.

For when I’m out and about,
I’d give “My red,
I’d get outside and “knock em dead”.

So SOCKSHOP is the place for me,
with so many varieties I can’t wait to see!!!

So there you have it. A small anthology of poems by the SOCKSHOP team.

Danielle x 


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