Choosing the right footwear for a good walk

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There’s something magical about taking a walk in the autumn. Maybe it’s because the weather’s cooler and treks are easier than on a blazing hot summer day. Or maybe it’s the changing nature from the golden leaves to the arrival of mushrooms and ripe apples.

For many it’s wrapping up warm against the crisp cold air, feeling cosy inside your jacket, as your breath condenses around you, hot drink in hand and views across the countryside ahead.

The most important part of the body to keep warm during these walks is the one that gets the most action – your feet.

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Here’s our ‘what to wear' guide for everything from a short walk to a long trek…

Take a stroll around the park

Ok, so it’s not going to be the most challenging of walks but it still requires a bit of thought. Firstly, if you’re going with friends then you’ve got to look your best. Pick out a pair of colourful socks to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit.  Go for something breathable and with wicking properties – meaning they draw moisture away from the body -  to help keep your toes fresh and dry.

You might also want to opt for some leather shoes. While the sun might shine, during autumn the grass can stay wet all day, leaving the toes of your shoes soaking after just a short walk through long grass.

Or, go for a pair of jazzy wellies so you can splash away to your heart’s content. You’ll need to pair them with some welly socks – but as such a wide range of cool colours available, that shouldn’t be an issue.

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Head to the woods

If you’re heading to your local woods, you might need to start thinking of sturdier footwear like proper walking boot or shoes with a good thick sole. These will not only give you extra grip on uneven surfaces like damp tree roots or slick rocks, but they’ll also help raise your feet above any standing water.

Underneath, go for thick wool socks to give you padding and warmth. The longer the better, especially if you’re wearing boots. Even if you’re not, a good long sock will help keep your lower legs warm and dry and prevent muscle ache or cramps.

Run up that hill

For those who take their hill running seriously, it’s time to get some specialist all-terrain running shoes. Again, these will come with a good gripping sole to prevent falls and stumbles, but will be lighter and more flexible than your standard walking boots.

While many offer waterproof coating, as they’re low profile it means water can easily get in over the edges - especially if your run takes you through long grass. That’s why we recommend some longer running socks that’ll help keep you dry.

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Reach your peak

There’s going for a walk – and then there’s conquering one of our country’s many and varied peaks. Whether it’s a Scottish Munro or a Lake District peak, these provide their own challenges and even with the best weather you’ll need good kit to complete the task at hand.

We suggest a pair of solid and sturdy walking boots. Before you head on up the peak, take them for a couple of test spins to wear them in – you don’t want to get blisters half way up a mountain.

For socks, we’ve got a huge range of walking and hiking socks suitable for such journeys. Some are designed for the occasional hot day, while others are in their element when it’s cold. And many are waterproof for wet weather hikes.

Wool ones are a great option as they are comfy, breathable and having wicking properties.


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