On-trend Halloween costumes for 2019

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Halloween comes but once a year, so how will you make sure your outfit is 2019 ready?

See our list of ideas for creepy and current inspiration…

On-trend Halloween costumes for 2019
The Mind Flayer - Stranger Things
A costume dedicated to the lord of the Upside Down, could make you lord (or lady) of this year’s festivities. Walk through The Gate of your Halloween party and say goodbye to any Rifts you may have over copying someone’s wardrobe, with this truly original choice. An ambitious outfit that could be completed using socks for tentacles, but hey, Stranger Things have happened…

The Joker
Raid your nearest make-up bag and channel your inner Joaquin Phoenix with an outfit that screams 2019. Picking up a purple suit for cheap shouldn’t be too much of a challenge – perfecting your villainous cackle may be a bit trickier, but sure to work a treat.

Forky – Toy Story 4
One for the leftfield Halloween revellers out there. Why not dress as Pixar’s cutest piece of cutlery? Stock up on pipe cleaners and sporks for a spiky crown and you’re halfway there. The more dedicated of you might consider wooden planks under the feet to achieve that broken ice-lolly-stick look.

The success of this year’s sequel has made Pennywise the most googled Halloween costume of 2019. Be the IT girl/guy at your party using the many YouTube make-up tutorials to achieve the corrupt clown look. Whatever you do, don’t forget the helium balloon.

Maleficent is set to hit cinemas just in time for Halloween and could have you top of the current and creepy pile. Be sure to accentuate those cheek bones if you want to go full Angelina Jolie...

With a Cruella de vil live action film due in 2020, you could show fellow partygoers just how much of a film buff you are, and how much you love your spots. We recommend wearing a ‘no dalmatians were hurt making this outfit’ disclaimer, around your neck.

Addams Family
Halloween may fall on a Thursday this year but that shouldn’t stop you dressing like Wednesday (geddit?). The Addams Family animated film is due for release on the 25th and offers a few easy to achieve but equally frightening looks. If white collars over a black dress isn’t your thing, don’t Fester too long looking for inspiration and have a stab at Uncle Addams’ tired look.


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