Our 'Design a Sock' winners!

Posted by Katrina

Last month we ran what was, in our humble opinion, a pretty darn cool competition. We asked you lovely people to design a ‘Dare to Wear’ range, with the winning designs being made and sold on the SOCKSHOP site.

Below are the winning original designs, then next to them are the designers' interpretations, which have now been sent off to be created into samples. 


...the lines have closed, the votes have been counted, and I can now reveal that the winners of our ‘Design a Sock’ competition are…


'Holey socks' by Xavier Javier
Holey Socks


'Holey socks' was chosen as the overall winning design of the competition. Xavier's design perfectly captured the spirit of 'Dare to Wear' with its originality, humour and wink to a well-known problem people face with their socks!

Xavier's original design has been hardly changed by the design team. The only tweak has been the colour of the halo, so it is clear what it is. They have also instructed that the material to make the halo be a shiny nylon to give a glowing 'halo' effect.  

'Dancing Queen' by Katie Musgrove
Dancing Queen


Katie was one of many people who chose to draw her design on the printed template then take a picture and send it to us. This proved to be a great decision because the way she made the crown out of gems was what really caught the design team's attention. They're hoping that a similar effect can be achieved on Kate's sock.

'Hungry Mouse' by Patricia Moore
Hungry Mouse


Patricia's design was one that was skilfully done on the computer, and very easy for the design team to replicate. The only change they made was to make the mouse look more "friendly" (the designers' words, not mine!). 

It was another idea which we thought would go really well with the rest of the 'Dare to Wear' collection, with a little nod to that age-old problem of cheesy feet! 

'Rock Out With Your Sock Out' by Kane Johnson
Rock out with your sock out


Kane's design was the first we received and instantly made us laugh! It was fun, a little bit cheeky and different to any other socks we are selling at the moment.

The design team decided to flip where the caricature and text were placed from the side of the sock to the front. This 'flat-board' design (as it's known) was done so there would be plenty of space to fit the 'rock n roll' character and the writing.

'Little Cupcake' by Lynn Thornhill
Little cupcake


Lynn's entry was one of many that came through the post, but the only entry that was taped to cardboard and had a sheet of tracing paper over it to protect it! We were very impressed with the lengths she went to to keep her design pristine, and were very glad she did because it looked lovely!

We had a number of cupcake-themed entries but we love Lynn's combination of colours and the cute strap line. In the areas where Lynn has used glitter, the design team has chosen to use lurex, which will create a glittery effect.

'Put Me in the Laundry Basket' by Margaret Wallace
Put me in the laundry basket


Out of all the winning designs, Margaret's has been altered the most by the designers. They really liked the strap line - the idea that you would give instructions for what to do with the dirty socks - but felt like the rest of the design didn't really fit in with the 'Dare to Wear' collection.

So, not wanting to miss an opportunity, they reworked the idea to include a post-it note so it was more appropriate for our fun, novelty range. The colours were then changed to black and blue so they would contrast well with the bright yellow of the post it, creating a striking, stand-out sock.

We know the design has been changed quite a lot from Margaret's original, but we hope she likes it! 

So there you have it! Six fantastic designs which we think will look great as socks. The next stage will be getting the samples back, which should happen next month. Then, all going well, the designs should be available to buy from the new year.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to enter our competition, and congratulations to our winners :) 


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