We're SO into our NEW Superhero Cape Socks!

Posted by Danielle

Remember when we gave you a sneak peek of our brand new Thor and Loki cape socksWell they flew in just the other day and we are OBSESSED with our whole cape sock collection! We've been having plenty of superhero fun around the SockShop office with the likes of Superman, Loki and The Mighty Thor!
Superhero Cape Socks
Unfortunately we can't guarantee that these socks will actually help you to fly, but we all know a cape is key to that inner superhero strength and these socks certainly feel super! Maybe we could add capes to all of our socks...
Thor Cape Socks  
The Mighty Thor 
Superman and Loki
                                 Superman                                                                 Loki
Superhero Cape Socks
WARNING: Do not attempt to jump from a height wearing the cape socks because -as awesome as they are- they won't help you to fly! 


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