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A guide to getting the kids back to school

Posted by SOCKSHOP

Whether you’re looking forward to having the house back to yourself or dreading sending your little ones into the big wide world, it's time to get ready.

Here are a few things to consider beforehand:

Time to measure up

Oh, they grow up so fast. It was only yesterday they were learning to crawl and now they’re going through a pair of shoes every month!

With a new school year, come new school uniforms. You can try and make last term’s trousers fit, but you’re going to come up short.

It’s time to get your little ones lined up and the measuring tape out. From socks to collars, everything needs checking.

See what still fits from last year and what needs replacing. Chances are they’ll need new socks and shoes, especially if you’ve got little boys whose feet seem to grow by the day.

New shoes, socks and uniforms are probably on the cards
New shoes, socks and uniforms are probably on the cards
Uniform rules

I’m sure the kids told you the school was relaxing its uniform policy this year. And they weren’t lying when they said trainers would be allowed and t-shirts could be worn every Monday. Oh no!

But, just in case they got their message mixed up, it’s worth checking the school’s website for the official version.

Make sure to check up on gym kits rules as well.

Ways to add a bit of personality

You still remember what it was like being a kid at school and hating the ties, scratchy trousers and boring shirts.

And while the rules are there for a reason, we’re pretty sure there are grey areas where you and your kids can add a bit of personality.

Socks are a great way to sneak in some colour to an otherwise bland uniform. Treat them to a pair featuring their favourite characters.

Remember, by helping them do this, you get to control how much variation is added, not them.

Don’t buy the wrong ones

Remember when you were young and your parents bought the wrong shoes for you. That moment of dread when you opened the box and they’d got you the Kickers without the awesome tag.

It just made going back to school that little bit harder.

And while we don’t expect you to pander to your lovely little one’s every need, by doing a bit of research among other parents you can find out what their kids are wearing and, hopefully, surprise your children with the right ones. Fingers crossed.

Sixth form: a school without rules

If your little ones aren’t so little and are heading off to sixth form, they may finally be ditching the uniform. 

But that doesn’t mean you don’t get a say in what they wear.

Instead of trying to force your rules and standards on them, take them shopping for a few more ‘conservative’ outfits. They may not wear them all the time but you’ll be laying down your standards in a way they appreciate, ie free stuff.

Scary for them and you

If they’re starting school for the first time or making the leap to big school, it’s just as scary for them as it is for you.

A nice little treat like a new backpack or sweets hidden in their packed lunch box will give them a boost on a hard first day.

Of course, by the second day they’ll be loving it.


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