1 Pair Bamboo Socks with Comfort Cuff and Smooth Toe Seams Kids Unisex - SOCKSHOP

5 PAIRS FOR £4.99 - SAVE 50% *
Boys and Girls 1 Pair SOCKSHOP Plain and Striped Bamboo Socks with Comfort Cuff and Smooth Toe Seams

1 Pair Bamboo Socks with Comfort Cuff and Smooth Toe Seams Kids Unisex - SOCKSHOP

5 PAIRS FOR £4.99 - SAVE 50% *
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* 6-8.5 Kids 1-3 Years
* 9-12 Kids 4-7 Years
* 12.5-3.5 Kids 8-12 Years
* 4-5.5 Kids 13-14 Years
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  • 69% Viscose from Bamboo 28% Polyester 3% Elastane
  • 1 Pair Pack
  • Smooth Toe Seams
  • Comfort cuffs
  • Naturally antibacterial, kind to every skin type, moisture handling, heat regulating; Machine washable at 40°
  • Thickness: Regular

Good for your children’s feet and skin in so many ways, our boys and girls SOCKSHOP Bamboo Socks have gentle grip Comfort Cuff tops and protective Smooth Toe Seams to ensure that good circulation is encouraged, while discouraging irritation and blisters.

Bamboo fibre is soft, silky and very kind to sensitive young skins. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal, so feet stay fresher and healthier. Bamboo is also far more moisture absorbing than cotton, and has excellent temperature control abilities, so wearing SOCKSHOP Plain Bamboo Socks will keep your child’s feet cooler in warm weather but comfortably warm in colder temperatures too.



The product appears to be high-quality socks, praised for their comfort, durability, and variety of colours. They are reported to fit well, and even accommodated for an adult with small feet. They are constructed with no seams, making them quite comfortable even after prolonged use, an attribute appreciated by customers with sensory issues or autism. The socks' softness was highly rated, with one customer likening the feel of them to 'wearing clouds'. They also appear to be hygienic due to a bamboo component. However, there was an account of a perceived decline in quality with a new batch of socks, as they were found to have worn out and developed holes after just one wear, leading to disappointment. The company, however, is known for swift delivery, good packaging, and prompt customer service response. Overall, the socks are well-received and highly recommended by most of its users.

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Angela Howard
Thursday, 11 July 2024

Wasn't sure what size to order but a quick message to the company soon sorted that for me. My socks arrived quickly and they are gorgeous. They fit beautifully and are so soft and comfortable. I struggle getting good fitting socks as I'm an adult with small feet but these are spot on and in so many different colours. Fabulous 😊

Rebecca , Sockshop 11 July 2024 13:08
Thank you for your feedback! We're delighted to hear that our team was able to help with sizing and that you’re pleased with the fit, softness, and variety of colours. We're thrilled that you found the perfect socks for your needs. 😊 SOCKSHOP Team.
Kylie Short
Saturday, 06 July 2024

I always buy the socks, they are the only ones my daughter with sensory issues will wear. Good value for money and quick delivery. Knocked off a star because I always struggle to get the tag off without making making a hole in the sock! Why does it have to be attached with a plastic kimble when everything else is recyclable? And so tightly attached that it's near impossible to get the scissors under it to snip it off. I've bought about 30 pairs of socks over the years and have a hole in at least 4 pairs trying to get the tag off. It's annoying lol

Rebecca , Sockshop 08 July 2024 15:56
Thank you for your feedback. We're glad our socks work well for your daughter and that you appreciate the value and quick delivery. We're sorry for the frustration with the plastic tags and will look into using more user-friendly and recyclable options. Thank you for your continued support! SOCKSHOP Team.
Trusted Customer
Monday, 08 July 2024

Amazing socks. My son hates normal seam socks so we have been buying this same pair for over a year now i cant remember how long. I buy exactly the same colour because hes a pain and likes to make holes in them, we always have a pair because they are always the same .

Rebecca , Sockshop 08 July 2024 09:49
Thank you for your feedback! We're glad our socks have been a favorite for your son and that you appreciate the consistent quality and colour. Your loyalty means a lot to us!
Trusted Customer
Tuesday, 02 July 2024

Absolutely gorgeous socks, I’am an adult size 3 so these kids socks fits perfect for my small foot as the adults socks sizing starts bigger, they are incredibly soft and the colour is really lovely to, will be making some more purchases soon, don’t think I will be buying from anywhere in the future, such fast delivery and careful packaging Really happy with my purchase from sock shop.

Rebecca , Sockshop 02 July 2024 11:12
Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! We're delighted to hear that our socks are a perfect fit for you and that you find them incredibly soft and lovely in colour. We're also pleased that you had a great experience with our fast delivery and careful packaging. Your satisfaction means a lot to us, and we look forward to serving you again in the future. Happy shopping at Sock Shop! SOCKSHOP Team.
Trusted Customer
Tuesday, 02 July 2024

Fantastic seamless socks

Friday, 28 June 2024

Good quality, hard wearing.

Trusted Customer
Thursday, 27 June 2024

Got these on sale and they seem good for my autistic child.

Terri Downing
Thursday, 27 June 2024

These socks are for myself not my child as I am a size 3/4 shoe. They are so very soft and comfortable it’s like wearing clouds. No seams at all so superb on the toes when wearing shoes/trainers.

Rebecca , Sockshop 27 June 2024 12:13
Thank you for your feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you find the socks incredibly soft and comfortable, like wearing clouds. It's great to know that the seamless design provides superb comfort for your toes. Enjoy your cozy socks! SOCKSHOP Team.
Trusted Customer
Friday, 21 June 2024

I brought these for my autistic son who hates socks.. his kept them on and not complained about them.. they feel so soft

Rebecca , Sockshop 25 June 2024 16:19
Thank you for your feedback! We're thrilled to hear that your son finds the socks comfortable enough to keep on. It's wonderful to know that the softness makes a difference for him. Your satisfaction means a lot to us, and we're glad our product could meet his needs. Thank you for sharing your experience! SOCKSHOP Team.
Roxy Nicholson
Saturday, 22 June 2024

Sharon Richards
Friday, 21 June 2024

My son calls these the ‘nice socks’ , he’ll pick them out over anything else in his sock drawer. They’re soft and go on easily even after swimming.

Trusted Customer
Monday, 17 June 2024

Lovely comfy socks for both my children, they are usually quite fussy about socks but they are very happy to wear these for school and home.

Kellie M
Saturday, 15 June 2024

I’ve bought these in the past and they have been excellent for my daughter who calls them her special sock. They are the only ones that she will wear. So much that after 6 months they finally got a hole after continuous wear. That’s fantastic, however, the new batch that I just bought in different colours have a hole in them already after just been worn once! My daughter wore the red ones for her new school, same shoes as before, and at the end of the day I noticed they were already worn away and making a hole after one wear. The 2nd pair also. I’m wondering if this was a bad batch made. I’m very disappointed.

Trusted Customer
Saturday, 15 June 2024

Perfect for my hyper sensitive son. Comfortable fit & the bamboo is very hygienic.

Trusted Customer
Friday, 14 June 2024

Fussy daughter very pleased with socks, very soft, bright colours, seem good quality



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9-10.5 Kids 27-28 10-11.5 3-6 years old
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