Does wearing crazy socks make you look more successful?

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It used to be that going to work meant plain socks in muted colours. Blacks, greys and blues were all acceptable – along with maybe a dot of colour. 

But as workplace dress codes have relaxed and the trend for bold socks becomes mainstream, expect to see everything from your favourite bold geometric pattern peeking out from under suit trousers.

Crazy Socks

But why is this? Here are 3 reasons…

1. Confidence
People take a lot from how someone looks – and how they dress is especially important in the working world.

In a sea of blue, white and black outfits, wearing bold socks makes you stand out from the crowd. And it tends to be confident people that want to stand out.

It also shows they know how to dress and match what could be jarring socks with their more sedate working outfit. This shows a level of confidence in who they are and how they look.

2. Risk taking
With confidence comes risk taking. While wearing crazy socks might not seem like the biggest risk, many companies have strict dress codes so going against these can suggest you’re not someone who plays by the rules. 

In the business world, many of the most successful people are risk takers who’ve gambled on a product or a company. By wearing an item of clothing that could make you the focus of ridicule, or at least make you stand out, you are taking a risk.

3. Individuality
Every day, people in business make new contacts – whether that’s meeting a new client, a potential new staff member or just other people who work in your building. But after a while these various people can blur into a whole.

By wearing something out of the ordinary you are saying to other people that you’re an individual, with your own ideas and that you want to be remembered.

Doing so with crazy socks is a great way to flash off a little bit of individuality as they aren’t so crazy as to be distracting but crazy enough to make someone give you a second look.

And it tends to be those with unique personalities that are most successful in the work place. 


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