Back to School - The Definitive Shopping Guide

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With only a couple of weeks left of the summer holidays, most parents are turning their attention to getting everything ready for the kids going back to school. Any parent will tell you that the list of stuff kids need these days for school is never ending, so the team at SOCKSHOP are here to help with the definitive back to school shopping guide!
Back to School - The Definitive Shopping Guide

Back to School Shopping Guide

Due to the sheer volume of how much stuff your kids need for the start of a new school year, we recommend that you always follow a shopping guide such as this. Here at SOCKSHOP we know how stressful it can be to get everything on time, not to mention the expense. By following a back to school shopping guide you can ensure that you have everything you need, and you won’t have to endure the last minute panic when you realise that you’ve forgotten a back to school essential the night before term starts. 

Having a list to follow also means that you can buy items throughout the summer holidays, instead of having to leave it all till the last minute. Not only does this increase your chances of grabbing some items before they become sold out, but also it avoids you having to pay for it all in one go. With our back to school guide and list, SOCKSHOP has done all the hard work for you.

What’s on the list?

Putting everything you need on your back to school list is essential if you want to ensure that your children have everything they need to start a brand new school year. But if you are anything like us, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Therefore, our SOCKSHOP top tip is to first check out your school’s supply list and see which items they state that your child needs for their year at school. That should cover everything you need and include: 

  • Stationery 

  • School uniforms 

  • PE kit and equipment 

  • Lunch box and water bottle 

It is important to always check the school’s supply list before making any purchases in case they have any special requirements for particular branded school items.


First on our list of back to school essentials is stationery. Every school year your child is gonna want to get their hands on a brand new pencil case, new pens and pencils, plus all the other bits and bobs they’ll need like protractors, rulers, calculators and folders. To ensure that your kids have all the stationery they need, we recommend that you go through every subject they will study and make a list of back to school times. For example,  from our time at school (erm, it wasn’t that long ago!) Maths requires a significant amount of extras, such as scientific calculators and trigonometry sets.

School uniforms

One of the biggest expenses of the kids going back to school is the uniforms. This is often the part of back to school shopping that many parents dread all summer, and when you consider just how much stuff is required, this is hardly surprising. While some pieces of school uniform are easier and more affordable than others, such as plain school shirts and black school shoes, other pieces like school branded items can be difficult to get hold of and cost you quite a lot. 

However, lucky for you, here at SOCKSHOP we make the back to school shopping guide even easier. Yes, you guessed it, we have a range of high-quality school socks which are perfect for kids of all ages and sizes.  From plain black bamboo socks suitable for both boys and girls, to opaque tights which are perfect for girls in the winter. When shopping online at SOCKSHOP you can get all the socks and tights you need for the entire school year all in one place. 

PE kit

As well as the school uniforms that you need to get in time for your kids' big day back at school, you also need to consider what they need for their PE lessons. For many parents, the PE kit is the bane of their lives. Not only because they have to ensure it has everything their children need in it for a PE lesson, but also because their kids are always leaving it at home ‘by accident’. 

It is also important that you don’t forget about the extras that need to be included in your kid’s PE kit, such as our sport and outdoor socks. From sporty, to fun, and cosy, we have every type of sports sock available that you can add to your SOCKSHOP order. You may even find that buying a novelty pair such as our Toy Story or Disney Princess socks may encourage your kids to take their PE kit to each lesson!

Lunch box and water bottle

Kids grow up quickly, so this often means that they grow out of their favourite items and are demanding a new lunch box and water bottle ready for the new school year. There is always so much choice when it comes to finding the right lunch box and water bottle, but getting one that your kid wants the most can make all the difference to how well your child eats and stays hydrated while at school.

The back to school shopping list does not have to be as overwhelming as you might think, and by following our SOCKSHOP top tips, and checking out the school and PE socks we have, you can make the back to school process even easier!


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