How to Fold Tights

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Recently, on the SOCKSHOP blog, we revolutionised our sock drawers thanks to the wonderful folding talents of Marie Kondo. After learning how to fold your socks like a Marie Kondo pro, your socks are probably living their best (and tidiest) life - but what about your tights? Tights often feel like an anomaly in your sock drawer and can be a bit of a nightmare to fold. 

Tights  rarely want to conform to the constraints of your drawers and convincing them to be tucked away neatly is a frequent challenge. So we’ve created a useful ‘how to fold tights’ guide just for you. Whether you’re dealing with bold patterned tights or seductive fishnets, learning how to fold tights will ensure they’re folded as neatly as your newly  organised socks.

How to fold tights

Marie Kondo to the rescue

Once again Marie Kondo, the queen of organisation, is on hand to teach us her ways. Our previous Marie Kondo blog showed just how easy it is to fold socks using the KonMari method, so it makes sense that we’re turning to her once again to learn how to fold tights

Due to their extra length and width, folding tights in a neat, structured manner can be tricky. If you fold them over too many times, you risk creating thick wads of material that take up far too much space in your drawers. So, using the Marie Kondo philosophy of living with joy, this is how to fold tights the KonMari way.

  1. Start by laying your tights out on a flat surface, preferably something solid like a table.

  2. Next, take the palms of your hands and run them over your tights. Make sure you’re flattening out any creases and revealing the full length of your tights. Whilst you use your hands to smooth out your tights, remember to channel love and joy through your palms into your tights. This is a crucial element of the Marie Kondo philosophy. 

  1. Once your tights have been thoroughly flattened, it’s time to make your first fold. Using both of your hands, fold your tights in half, so that one leg is placed neatly over the other.

  2. As before, take your palms and smooth out the tights, channeling joy into the fabric whilst you flatten out any bulges or creases.

  3. Time for the next fold! This time, you’re going to take the toes of your tights and fold them up towards the top opening. However, make sure you leave a small gap between the toes and the opening of the tights.

  4. Next, you’re going to complete four folds in succession. Look at your tights, and mentally divide it up into four equal parts. It may help to imagine lines segmenting each quarter. Now, fold the socks to each imaginary line, until you’ve completed all four folds.

  5. Now, your tights should stand up of their own accord, allowing you to roll the tights over, ready to fit snugly into your underwear drawer.

  6. That’s how to fold tights the Marie Kondo way!

Embrace the tight folding process

As with all KonMari techniques, the tight folding process needs to maintain the purpose of living a life full of joy. If, whilst folding your tights, you notice some pairs that are damaged, or too small, then these hosiery items will no longer bring joy or happiness to your life. In which case, you need to let them go. Take your tight folding process as an opportunity to declutter your collection of tights, leaving only items that have a solid use and put a smile on your face.  

One of the best advantages of learning how to fold your tights is the increased space in your underwear drawer, allowing you to find the clothing items you need with ease. This ‘how to fold your tights’ guide will work with any pair, so grab your thickest opaque tights and put the method to the test.


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