When were tights invented?

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With the nights drawing in and autumn just around the corner, it won’t be long before we’ll be reaching for our favourite pairs of tights once more. We love these functional but stylish fashion staples here at SOCKSHOP. But when were tights invented? Let’s find out, as we take a look through the hosiery history books to find out how this essential legwear found a place in our wardrobes and our hearts!

When were tights invented

When were tights invented?

The type of tights that we know and love today are a relatively recent invention. But hosiery – which stems from the Anglo-Saxon word “hosen” or covering – has been around for centuries. In the 9th century, fashionistas of the Dark Ages wrapped bandages of material around their legs for warmth and comfort. By the 15th century prototype tights, featuring woven stockings connected to a codpiece, were all the rage.

Stockings were worn exclusively by men right up until the 18th century. It wasn’t until the onset of the Industrial Revolution that the Victorian men of the 1800s peeled off their stockings one last time in favour of trousers. Then a new wave of altogether more feminine hosiery took off. By the 1920s low-cost sheer hosiery became available, with seamed nylons becoming the “must-have” legwear of the Forties.

It wasn’t until the Fifties that tights, as we know them, were introduced in this country by Aristoc. But it was the Swinging Sixties, when supermodel Twiggy shot to fame wearing Mary Quant mini-skirts, that tights really exploded into the mainstream. Pretty Polly one-piece tights made them even more desirable and by the 1980s, Lycra introduced the world to the levels of comfort and fit that we’re well-accustomed to now.

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