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There are many things people living with diabetes need to do to look after themselves and manage their condition. From regularly monitoring blood sugar levels to taking medications and eating well. Foot care is another crucial part of the equation to ward off blisters, infections and any complications. Diabetic socks are designed for this very reason, keeping feet dry, comfortable and blister-free, whilst also helping to promote good circulation.
Diabetic Socks

What are diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks feature unique design elements – like soft, antimicrobial materials, gentle cuffs and a seamless construction – that make them the ideal choice for people with diabetes. Diabetic socks can help you to care for your feet and safeguard them from infections and complications, like foot ulcers. Not to mention the fact that they’re extra cushioned for comfort and will keep your feet fresh, dry and blister-free.

Why is foot care important for people with diabetes?

Foot care is an important part of managing diabetes. People with diabetes often have sensitive feet due to diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Diabetic neuropathy is a form of nerve damage caused by high blood sugar levels. This makes it difficult to sense cuts and sores on the feet, which can lead to infections. Peripheral vascular disease is a narrowing of blood vessels, causing poor circulation and slower healing.

What are the benefits of diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks offer a number of benefits. Not only do they improve circulation, but they also keep your feet dry. This is vital because sweat can result in rubbing, leading to blisters and sores, which can escalate into serious problems if left unchecked. Softer than average materials and seamless designs keep rubbing to an absolute minimum. Diabetic socks are a small but proactive step you can take to protect your feet.

How do diabetic socks work?

Diabetic socks feature a number of special characteristics to look after your feet:

  • Seamless – Flat toe seams reduce rubbing, which can help to stave of blisters and sores.

  • Soft materials – Fine-textured fabrics, such as bamboo, are less abrasive against the skin.

  • Moisture wicking – Special materials wick away moisture to reduce the chance of rubbing.

  • Gentle cuffs – Keep socks up without squeezing the calves and restricting the blood flow.

  • Antimicrobial properties – Specialised anti-microbial materials prevent fungal infections. 

  • Extra cushioning – Can help to reduce foot injuries and are especially useful for sports.

Where can I buy diabetic socks?

SOCKSHOP has an impressive collection of diabetic socks. Our selection includes specialist diabetic socks, which are specially engineered to ensure they don’t rub the skin and cause blisters. We also stock a variety of bamboo socks that have a hand linked flat toe seam and a gentle grip cuff. Both of which make them ideal for anyone who has diabetes and would like the added comfort and reassurance that these socks offer. 

Having the right toe seams, cuffs and material are important when it comes to choosing the right diabetic socks. A prerequisite of diabetic socks is that they must be soft and smooth to prevent abrasion, which is where the silky-soft feel of natural materials like bamboo and wool really come into their own. It’s also better if they’re neither bulky nor tight, which is why comfortable toe seams and gentle cuffs are extra useful.   

Check out our selection of diabetic socks at www.sockshop.co.uk. For more information about any of our SOCKSHOP products or for help with orders, please contact us on 08000 195 667.


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