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This Christmas season, the purchase of any SockShop Advent Calendar means a donation to homelessness charity Emmaus. We're donating 15% from the sale of each Advent Calendar to Emmaus, to help them continue and grow the incredible work they do and have been doing since their inception in 1991. 


Emmaus is a national homelessness charity supporting homeless people by giving them a home, work experience in a social enterprise, support in whatever form it is needed, training, and the space to get themselves back on their feet.

Emmaus: Quick Facts

  • 29 UK communities
  • 815 rooms in the UK
  • 15,000 people supported since 1991
  • Aiming to have 1,000 rooms by 2020

SockShop began working with Emmaus in early 2018. See what happened when we went to visit Emmaus Bolton.


Companions are offered a place in the community for as long as they need it, provided that…

  • they work for 40 hours per week, or give as much time as they are able, in the community's social enterprise;
  • they behave in a respectful way towards one another;
  • no alcohol or illegal drugs are used on the premises;
  • they sign off all benefits, with the exception of housing benefit.

Our visit to Emmaus Bolton
The Emmaus Van is always out and about picking up goods to be sold/refurbished

Having worked with Emmaus for a short while – providing socks for them to distribute to those in need, we recently went along to visit their Bolton community, just a stone’s throw away from SockShop HQ. Emmaus Bolton’s Executive Leader, Tony Stephenson was there to welcome us, show us around the community and explain in detail the wonderful work carried out by Emmaus, their staff and the companions.

Our visit to Emmaus Bolton
Left: The community grows plants to sell, as well as providing a hanging basket restoration service. Right: The Cottages host a range of second hand clothes, books and music collections for sale.

As well as living quarters for their companions – including private rooms for each companion, and communal living, eating and laundry facilities – the community plays host everything that fuels Emmaus’s social enterprise ventures, which are key to the way each community works. From a range of shops, selling second hand furniture, white goods, clothing, books, music, bric-a-brac, and children’s toys and clothing; to a greenhouse and gardening area with home grown plants and a hanging basket restoration service.
Our visit to Emmaus Bolton
The Community Café offers tea, coffee, cakes, and a range of breakfast and lunch items

The ever-growing community also houses a café offering tea, coffee, cakes, breakfast and lunch items, as well as workshops which allow companions to carry-out the community’s restoration services – fixing up, recycling and upcycling everything from furniture and white goods, to bikes.

Our visit to Emmaus Bolton
Left: The community chickens, who provide eggs used for meals prepared and shared by companions. Right: The wood workshop is keey to restoration and recycling services.

As we toured the community, it was clear to see companions involved and working hard in every aspect of this unique setup, which “provides meaningful work for companions but also generates the funding that maintains our communities.”


To find out more about Emmaus, find your local community or donate, visit

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