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Our specialist range of golf socks are certain to let you tee off with maximum confidence and comfort. Designed to specifically suit the golfer's requirements, our golf socks will keep your feet looking and feeling great across all 18 holes. Our selection of golf socks feature a range of styles, from casual plain golf socks to the traditional argyle diamond socks, including golf socks for men and women’s golf socks.

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Tee off in style

Golf is a beautiful sport, so it’s only fitting that your footwear matches the style and class of the golf course. This is why our extensive range of golf socks is available in a range of fashionable styles and materials. Whether you’re looking for comfortable cotton, or supportive cushioning, our range of golf socks is certain to fit your golfing needs.

Golf socks with tee-rrific quality

If you’re heading out onto the fairways for a relaxing game of golf, the last thing you need is to have your day ruined by irritating blisters and sweaty feet. You want to enjoy the challenge of the course without any distractions. With our range of golf socks, there’s no need to worry about a blister spoiling your shot. Many of our golf socks are rich in merino, which provides a fantastic multilayer structure that is built to protect your feet. With enhanced breathability and durability, these golf socks will enhance your game rather than hinder it.

No ifs or putts, just un-fore-gettable golf socks

You shouldn’t need to sacrifice comfort for style, which is why our golf socks are manufactured to the highest standards. Our selection of golf socks features industry-leading brands, like GRANDSLAM, Glenmuir, UpHillSport and MacWet, to ensure your apparel is on a par with your clubs.

Shop our collection of golf socks now

Shop our collection of golf socks now and enjoy same day dispatch if you order before 5pm Monday-Friday. If golf isn’t your sport of choice, you can explore our full collection of sports socks, including football socks, cycling socks, tennis socks and rugby socks. Find the right sports socks for you at SOCKSHOP today.




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