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Sprint into our sports socks range for true support and comfort when you work out! Whatever your sport, don't let your footwear distract you and keep your mind on the game in a pair of specialist sports socks. This range of men’s sport socks not only includes great general sport socks but also many specialist sports socks that have been designed with a specific sport in mind.

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All sports socks are not the same
Depending on the sport you enjoy, your choice of sports socks could be crucial for your performance. Out of necessity, and protection for your feet, running socks for instance are very, very different from ski socks, just as a soccer player’s football socks differ from the needs of a cyclist for his cycling socks. While some sportsmen need targeted padding for cushioned socks, others need thin socks for greater connection with their sports shoes.

From basic to high-tech
Our sport socks for men ensure ultimate comfort for outdoor activities, working out or competing. Team the right sports socks with the right trainers, sports shoes or boots of choice and you’re improving your performance and foot health. Exacting mixes of natural fibres and innovative fabric technology make men’s socks for sport use low-friction, fresh and odour-free, padded and protective, while cleverly engineered design puts things like compression, padding and support just where they’re needed. Even ‘basic’ all-sports crew socks are often made in fibres that absorb and wick sweat to keep feet dry and cool, and many sock compositions actively help by being antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Fit for purpose
A well-fitting sport sock is critical to ensure your footwear fits right and performs to their best. It also reduces the changes of foot injury and optimises foot health. Poorly fitting men’s sport socks cause damage and blisters, which aren’t only painful but stop you in your tracks. That’s why many sport socks are anatomically shaped for left and right feet, with features like targeted cushioning, built-in support bands and have smooth toe seams to prevent friction on the skin.

Don’t get cold, get thermal socks
Skiers, snowboarders, hikers and climbers need thick, warm thermal socks, essential for protection against harsh, cold environments, manufactured with well-chosen and high quality thermally efficient yarns that are also breathable so feet don’t get too warm for comfort. Where possible, choose a thermal sock that has been manufactured with flat, smooth toe seams to help protect against blisters. Some outdoor sports socks are also water-repelling for wet environments.

Just breathe
Encased in shoes made from often synthetic materials and hardworking, it’s obvious why any sportsman’s or athlete's foot is one of the sweatiest parts of his body. That’s why it is essential for all types of sporting use socks to have good - if not great - breathability. Natural cotton, wool and naturally-derived viscose like bamboo and modal are excellent for making a man’s sock breathable, but many sports socks are designed with advanced synthetic fibres that are made to let the foot breathe freely.