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If you’re looking for an expert sock that has been specifically designed for walkers and hikers, our Bridgedale socks range has just what you need to support you and your feet on all your adventures! Bridgedale set out to design and manufacture the most comfortable socks on the market. This collection is no exception, ranging from lightweight to more heavy-duty styles for walking, hiking, climbing and countless other outdoor activities.

Expertise at every step

For over a century, British sock makers Bridgedale have set out to create the world’s most comfortable and enduring socks that, little by little, step by step, will change the world beneath your feet. Whether it’s high-performance ski socks, all-day trekking socks with extra underfoot padding, or ultra-light and breathable trail running socks, our Bridgedale socks collection is chock full of expertise at every step.

Comfort for all seasons

Come rain or shine, your feet need to be dry, comfortable and the optimal temperature if you’re to go the distance. Bridgedale have thought of everything, with triple-layered 100% waterproof StormSocks and unisex endurance socks boasting thermal Endurofil threads for unbeatable insulation in the worst of conditions. On the flipside, lightweight Coolmax socks allow cool air in and moisture out when the mercury rises.

Impressive trek-nology!

Bridgedale believe that little things matter. It’s that eye for detail that makes Bridgedale socks a breed apart, loaded as they are with clever technology. Their socks are woven from advanced materials like their WoolFusion technology that combines the highest-quality merino or new wool with high-performance synthetic fibres. They’re also brimming with functional features like anti-shock cushioning and overfoot ventilation.

Ski the difference

Ski socks require a specific design to flex and protect your feet at every turn. Our Bridgedale socks range includes a number of specialised snowsport socks that deliver all-day warmth and endurance on the slopes. ‘Shockzone’ zonal padding provides targeted support in all the right areas, while smooth hand linked toe seams keep blisters at bay. So you can max out the fun, on and off the piste!

If you’re on the lookout for more all-action socks, fit for all your sporting and adventurous endeavours, you’re bound to find the perfect pair in our ladies’ sports and outdoor and men’s sports and outdoor collections. What’s more, we’ll even ship your items on the same day you place your order if you purchase before 5pm Monday to Friday.




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