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Are you looking to try period or leak free underwear? At SOCKSHOP we offer a range of period and leak proof underwear within the Love Luna collection. Each Love Luna Product will provide you with comfort and leak free protection throughout your period. With products available for adults and teens in a variety of styles, sizes and designs you will find a selection which is right for you.

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Love Luna Period Underwear

The time of the month doesn’t have to be any more of a pain than it already is. The Love Luna period underwear range features a series of briefs which appear to be everyday lace trimmed knickers with a soft and silky finish, but they have a hidden feature. Each pair of Love Luna knickers includes an integral lined gusset with an absorbent 4-layers at just 3mm thickness. These knickers are breathable yet super absorbent and leak proof. Wear on their own for lighter flows as they hold 15ml (which is equivalent to 2-3 regular tampons), or pair with a tampon or menstrual cup to stop leaks and stains. By using Love Luna period underwear you’ll be playing a part in saving the environment as the products are washable and reusable, preventing liners from being sent to landfill and taking over 500 years to break down.

Love Luna Leaks

Whether it’s from coughing, laughing, sneezing, jumping or lifting, little leaks can happen. The Love Luna leak proof underwear consists of soft breathable cotton briefs decorated with a lace trim, which help you to carry on with your day without having to worry about any little leaks. These super absorbent knickers will withstand up to 40ml of fluid due to their multiple protection layers and next to skin layer, with a moisture wicking inner that prevents leaks and traps odour, leaving you worry free. As Love Luna leaks underwear is washable, you will be able to reuse it making your impact on the environment minimal.

Choose the Right Style

Comfort is more important than anything when it comes to your time of the month, which is why the Love Luna period briefs are available in a series of styles and designs. The Love Luna range includes a variety of briefs in a full, midi, bikini and high waisted style so you can find a style which is comfortable for you. With each style available in a series of colours including black, plum, beige and chambray you're not restricted to wearing darker clothes during your time of the month.

Teens Period Underwear

Are you a teen who has just started having periods or are you waiting for your first? The Love Luna period underwear for teens is ideal for those just starting their periods to ensure there are no leakages should an unexpected period happen. Each pair of Love Luna period briefs for teens offers 4 layers of protection and absorbency along with a next-to-skin cotton lining to prevent leakage and odour. With sizes ranging from 10- 14 years, choose from short and bikini style briefs in a series of colours including navy and aqua for comfort and peace of mind.

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