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Fun, flirty and feminine, our colourful range of ELLE socks and tights is the most extensive selection on the web! With a broad range of styles, including pretty ELLE socks, trendy tights, cosy bed socks, sports socks, shoe liners, super-soft ELLE bamboo socks, and so many more, you’re certain to find what you're looking for within the ELLE socks range. Step into something elegant and chic with the ELLE socks collection at SOCKSHOP.


ELLE bamboo socks

One of the hallmarks of this lovely collection is our array of functional but fashionable ELLE bamboo socks. From plain to patterned, scallop top, anklet or shoe liner, all the best features of this sustainable natural resource have been woven into every pair of ELLE bamboo socks. Your feet are in for a treat, with silky-soft fibres that are moisture-wicking, thermo-regulating and anti-bacterial!

ELLE of a range!

After more than 100 years of manufacturing beautiful tights, British legwear afficionados ELLE know what women’s feet need. Comfort, elegance and thoughtful detailing are the order of the day right across our range of ELLE socks and hosiery. Expect everything from toe covers, shoe liners and anklets to yoga socks, boot socks and snugly slipper socks. Not to mention tights of every description and denier.

Fashion and functionality

ELLE socks and tights confidently walk the line between fashion and functionality. Looking for shaping tights that tone and smooth in all the right places? We’ve got you. How about some discreet shoe liners that allow your feet to breathe in heels but feature pretty scalloped edging? Check. Or what about some elegant compression socks (really!), made from moisturising Lanati milk fibre, for energising weary legs? Yes, please!

Double the snuggle

ELLE have cornered the market when it comes to creating the snuggliest of snug socks. We’re talking sumptuously soft and toasty-warm boot socks in chunky chenille, cotton and wool blends; blissfully fluffy and cosy bed socks; and moccasin style, fleece-lined slipper socks with shimmering sequins and faux-suede soles. Even tiny toes can get in on the act with our adorable selection of Baby ELLE socks.

Like our ELLE socks? Then you’ll love our other fashion-forward collections of ladies’ socks by brand. Order yours before 5pm Monday to Friday and we’ll ship your items to you the same day.

DISCLAIMER: ELLE UK Ltd. can only supply ELLE socks and legwear in the UK & EIRE. Therefore, any ELLE items ordered for delivery outside these countries will not be included and will be immediately refunded. We apologise for any inconvenience.




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